Taking a step back, to take multiple steps forward

Sometimes, it’s difficult as a business owner to take time out and identify the ways in which you can improve the day to day running of your business in order to make long-term goals more achievable.

It’s no wonder that many businesses only improve when they are forced to do so, and sadly for some, it’s already too late. As clichéd as it sounds, the New Year can be the perfect opportunity to step back and evaluate what you want to achieve and condense what may seem like a mammoth task into smaller, practical bite-size targets.

Invariably, most business owners will already have a mental list of the things they want to improve in order to build a stronger and more efficient operation. Often, the list will be so big that nothing ever gets checked off, because let’s face it; nobody wants to increase an already excessive workload. The idea of breaking down tasks isn’t aimed at making goals take forever to achieve, it will make each improvement seem less overwhelming and allow you to focus on what you can realistically accomplish without becoming consumed by the enormity of the job.

So start small. Whether it’s identifying ways to improve your existing service, ways to expand, methods to improve your workforce, developing relationships with your clients or stepping up your marketing approach; everything can be broken down into manageable goals. I have adopted this improvement strategy into my own business and find that the following points are a great place to start:

– Free up time by working out which duties really require your attention, and which ones can be delegated to allow you to focus on tasks that will propel the business forward.

– Keep abreast of industry trends by joining professional associations, reading news from your sector and engaging with competitors.

– Use a monthly calendar for short-term scheduling, alongside an annual calendar to set long-term goals. By separating the two clearly, goals will seem less daunting and far more achievable.

If you’re interested in learning more about Business Improvement techniques, and to understand how Inspire can assist you in achieving your long-term business goals, please give me a call at our Team Valley office on 0191 487 7074.